You are magic.

Is your business experiencing any of these issues?

Customer Confusion

Your customers are confused by your offerings, sales cycles are really long, and you are having difficulty finding the right market fit.

What if I don't fix it?
You risk:
Bad pipeline. Long sales cycles.

You will continue to have a pipeline of slow-moving “not-quite-right” customers leading you endlessly to more of the same.

Culture Float

Your company doesn’t have an SOP to deliver a consistent experience and your key differentiators remain hidden from your customers.

What if I don't fix it?
You risk:
Erratic Experience. Loose standards.

You will continue to deliver divergent experiences to every client your team interacts with because everyone has their own way of selling what you do.

Offer Bloat

You’re offering more than you should in order to attract clients, but you know you’re swerving out of your lane, desperately trying to make a sale.

What if I don't fix it?
You risk:
Empty work. Unhappy customers.

Your best work will never be your core focus, you’ll spread yourself thin with work that doesn’t pay well, and your customers and you will suffer for it.

Wandering Identity

Your company’s personality and style shift from day to day and from touchpoint to touchpoint. Every piece feels disconnected and customers just aren’t connecting.

What if I don't fix it?
You risk:
Blending in. Missing out.

You will continue to blend in with the competition and will miss out on developing a deep connection with your “always customers”.


"The Brand Magic Workshop is a masterclass on authenticity and aligning your values to your actions.”

Tad Herrington - Owner, AdviceGuide

Change the way you see your brand.

In business, time is of the essence so you need a process that is quick and efficient - but still deep. The cure to the issues above are simple, but not necessarily easy. You need to learn to embrace your humanity, understand your customers, and simplify your expertise.

Embrace your humanity

You have a massive list of things that make you human, but your heart, character, and values are the three essential elements you must define.

You need to define these for your brand to use as filters to align your language and style. This ensures you tell the same story from the same value perspective in the same tone of voice.

Understand your customers

Magical brands don’t try to engage everybody. They draw a circle around their brand and say - “who do we want in this circle with us?”

Once you have them defined, you need to seek to understand how these groups think, feel, and act. These are the psychographics that inform how we engage with them and what they need from us.

Simplify your expertise

Your brand needs to be so simple and straightforward that your customers know exactly what to do with you and how much better their life will be with you as a part of it.

Achieving that level of simplicity is not easy. Still, the brands that harness the power of simplicity reap the rewards of clear market fit, magnetic customer loyalty, and shortened sales cycles.

I AM IN LOVE! The Brand Magic Workshop was probably the single best day of being a business owner so far, ha! It’s worth every single penny and every single second of your time.

Lauren Herman- The Copy Clinicians

The Brand Magic Workshop asks the right questions to get to the root and the core values...and the ever essential "WHY" we’re doing what we do! We strongly recommended!

Erik Lehmann - ACE 4 Impact

The Brand Magic Workshop helped me determine the key values for which all of my client services will be based. Absolutely eye-opening and inspiring.

Andrew Silver - Concordia WP

The Brand Magic Workshop is amazing for anyone who is looking for focus in their marketing messages. I’m no longer struggling to articulate the voice I want my business to have.

Sarah Andreas - Wisewood

Attending the Brand Magic Workshop was the best thing we ever did as a business! It gave us clarity around our mission and made all the difference.

Nicole Beck- ATC Lifestyle

The Brand Magic Workshop helped us identify our brand anthem which we happily share as often as we can in the community. Highly recommended!

Aslyne Rodriguez - Empowerbus

Ryan took the time to ask insightful questions about our brand that I never would have dreamed of asking and it was fun to dream of possibilities through this workshop.

Jamie Schisler - Small Town Threads

I have never met someone who went through the workshop and didn’t walk away astounded at the precision and personalization of the process.

Daniel Juday -

The Brand Magic Workshop is a solid process that works! It was absolutely the key to EVERYTHING as we walked through our company’s rebrand.

Christy Addington - Mammoth Packaging

There is nothing that can even approach The Brand Magic Workshop when it comes to adding clarity to your organization and how best to express it.

Chuck McAlister- HomePlace Ministries

I experienced a bigger vision for my business than I could imagine on my own. You will 100% walk away with a stronger presence and position in the market.

Jason Miller- Inner Sound

The Brand Magic Workshop was fun, creative and organized. We loved the process from start to finish. Looking forward to working with BLB again on our next project!

Brian Gunnoe- OLIO

The Brand Magic Workshop

Our 8-hour brand strategy workshop will help you position your brand, find your always customers, and share your story like you have always wanted to. Stop beating your head against a wall trying to go it alone, and start sharing your magic with the world!

Here's what we'll cover:
  • 4 Key Truths about Brand Positioning: The honest-to-goodness truth about being a brand people care about.

  • Brand Heart: Establishing your brand's purpose, mission, and vision.

  • Brand Character: Establishing your brand personality, tone, and style.

  • Brand Values: The guiding principles and beliefs your team can rally around and use as a north star day to day.

  • Audience Definition: Identifying your circle and addressing their needs

  • Brand Promise: What promise can you make to your circle?

  • Competitive Analysis: Who does your circle see as in competition with you and how can we stand out from them?

  • Service Packaging: How do you sell your services simply and clearly?

  • Brand Anthem: What do you really do for the people in your circle?

And most important: All of this is worked through in a no-bullshit, all-heart, ego-free space to process and distill your brand.

Workshop Price:


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*Workshops can be held in-person or virtually. Pricing excludes travel costs for in-person workshops.

Experience Includes

Brand Magic Workbooks & Swag Pack

Full Brand Audit for Existing Companies

Custom Brand Magic Manifesto Document

Lunch, Snacks, and Beverages

Follow-up Consult After Workshop

About Your Guide

Ryan Magada

Brand Magician

Ryan brings 14+ years of branding and strategy experience to table. He’s worked with a vast assortment of industries at various sizes and stages of their journey. In 2016, Ryan founded Brave Little Beast - an agency that specializes in uncovering and amplifying the magic of small businesses - and has worked with hundreds of businesses to find their magic.

Ryan loves 90’s rock, an ocean view, and when he’s not working, he’s at home with his amazing wife and 4 kids planning their next adventure!